CLAIMBIZ will be your partner to assist in resolving all types of project related contractual disputes and claims, from initial investigation to final settlement.

CLAIMBIZ is a co-operative of multi-disciplinary professionals, each of whom is an expert and highly experienced in their respective field. From initial studies, through to detailed forensic examination, analysis and advice, to preparation of documentation, negotiated settlements through to ADR processes, mediation, arbitration and litigation, we will be your experts.

That collective knowledge and expertise is now offered through CLAIMBIZ in a unique programme.  Qualifying clients can avail themselves of up to twenty (20) hours of advice, support and preparation of initial claim documents (or claim rebuttal documents, if appropriate) on a conditional no-fee basis.

This programme is available world-wide for disputes that are associated with contracts that have a value exceeding British Pounds Three Million (or the equivalent in other currency). Exceptionally, disputes associated with lower value contracts will be considered for the programme.

CLAIMBIZ personnel are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the legal aspects of contracts but are not lawyers per se. Thus, when essential, associated selected legal practices will be co-opted to give advice.